Treasure of Morocco

Treasure of Morocco


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Making Delicious Chicken Tagine

There are several popular dishes in Moroccan cuisine such as couscous, crispy pigeon pies and sweet date pastries, but the tagine dominates Moroccan food culture. The tagine is a earthenware pot, which slow cooks food over an open fire or bed of charcoal. Lamb and chicken tagines are the most popular dishes to cook, but beef, goat and camel have been known to make their way into the tagine dishes, especially in recent times. The chicken tagine made with olives and preserved lemons is most often deemed the best-known Moroccan dish due to the presence of the Mediterranean flavors.

Delectable Beef Tagine

When it comes to authentic Moroccan cuisine, you cannot go wrong with a Tagine. The Tagine has been described as a “stew with attitude” and is best when the spices and Mediterranean flavors develop over a few hours. The tagine is an earthenware pot, which cooks food and blends flavors over a fire. While chicken and lamb tagines are the most popular, beef tagine is a delicious and flavorful dish that never disappoints.

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