Moroccan Thuya Wood

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This sweetly aromatic wood is indigenous to Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Thuya wood (pronounced: twee-ya) is a rare that has a gorgeously striated grain, with colors ranging from a rich and lustrous golden brown to black. The specific way to select, harvest and cut this special wood has been handed down from father to son for many generations. Each piece of Thuya wood undergoes a lengthy polishing process with a blend of vegetable oils and lemon to carefully bring out the gorgeous natural tones of the wood and make them shine.

Delicate processing of this wood must be done by hand from start to finish, and the result is a strikingly distinct wood product that will last for many years. Thuya is a cousin of the cedar tree, and has a similarly rich, sweet aroma that will last long after it’s harvest. Get a rare piece of Morocco’s natural resource for your home. It also makes a fantastic and special gift that will always be remembered by your loved one.

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