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A tagine is a unique ceramic cookware popular for preparing food in Morocco. The bottom of the vessel is used for both cooking and serving, while the top is shaped like a cone. The word “tagine” also refers to the dish named after the vessel in which it’s served. The ceramic cookware is used primarily to slow-cook savory stews and vegetable dishes, but not every tagine is intended to be used while cooking. Some tagines are used only as a decorative serving dish.

The traditional method of cooking with a tagine is to place it over coals. Charcoal is used because it stays hot for hours, allowing the meal to cook slowly. Tagines come in all sizes with the smallest holding enough food for one or two people, while the largest holding enough for eight people or more.

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Authentic ceramic Moroccan tagines are wonderful pieces of handmade cookware used to create flavorful and unique Moroccan dishes. Before a tagine can be used, you want to make sure it is “seasoned,” which helps strengthen it, and if unglazed, remove the clay taste. To learn the process of seasoning or curing your tagine, click here to learn more.

Tagines are a simple and functional piece that can be used to create your next exotic Moroccan meal. Make this piece of earthen cookware an integral part of your kitchen by purchasing a cooking or serving tagine at 655 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, or by ordering online.

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