Couscous Deep Plate kassria 18 inches Large White Orange


  • Measurement approximately 18 inches in diameter 2.50 inches deep
  • It is Handmade with clay, very sturdy, imported directly from Morocco 
  • The kassriya is not intended to hang due to its weight but can be used as décor.
  • Considered essential for kneading and shaping doughs or for prepping and serving voluminous dishes such as couscous and seffa.
  • A gsaa (or Kassriya) is a type of Moroccan kitchenware intended for food preparation and serving

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Treasures of Morocco is proud to have available these heavy and durable ceramic Kassriya. Each piece is free-hand painted in Safi and that means that there is no decals or tracing or machinery in our product. Handcrafted and hand painted these plates are directly imported from Morocco. Our items are handmade so they have imperfection. This is not considered damaged or improperly made this is part of the beauty of not being factory made. All of our products are artesian.

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Weight 4 lbs