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Kaftan: the pride of Moroccan women By Youssef Sourgo

Casablanca- “Many inspiring women have shown me how such a garment is created somewhere between fantasy and reality,” wrote Sonia Maria in an article of hers published on NJAL, an online fashion platform. The “garment” that Maria refers to is the Moroccan majestic dress, the Kaftan. Her description flawlessly matches the proprieties of this charming Moroccan attire. Between “fantasy” and “reality,” the KaftanKaftan Stands out as a composite amalgamation of subtle and luxurious fabrics, composite designs and shapes, and an artist’s [more]

Safi, city of the sea and pottery

  Safi's location Stretching out along the Atlantic in a bay fringed by cliffs, Safi is located between El Jadida and Essaouira. Blessed with 120 kilometers of beach with a string of pristine coves, high lying reefs and sought  after surfing spots. According to historians, Safi slips easily onto the list of the most ancient cities in Morocco. Safi's potterry The other draw in the city is its craftsmanship, in particular Safiot pottery, an art from that has given the city [more]

Moroccan Traditional Musical Instruments

In Marrakech,  in the heart of the souks, the craftsmen furnish many of Morocco's folkloric groups with their instruments. Among them are  the bendir, round drum, the "derbouka" and "taarejas" as well as the famous "djembe, clay or ceramic tam-tams, the Oud, the Moroccan lyre, the "guembri" a kind of guitar , the "def" , a square skin covered drum from Zagoura . The wooden flute knows as the "anay" is the most widely used musical instrument [more]

Moroccan tagines

Moroccan tagines  The essence of a warm and authentic However modern a home might be with its electric cookers and kitchen gadgets, no Moroccan home is complete without its pottery tagine. That's because it is a fundamental part of traditional Moroccan cuisine so an absolute must-have for Moroccan  women. A tagine gives dishes a very  special flavor that you don't get when using a stainless steel pot or other type of  pressure cooker. It  has thus become an ambassador for Morocco [more]

Moroccan Woven Carpet

Morocco is home to many different types of carpet. Whether made in a town or in the countryside (therefore Amazigh) a carpet always carries the DNA of its provenance - clues that are sometimes tricky for the untrained eye to spot.  you could say that Morocco had a road of carpets as well as a road of the Kasbahs and a road of honeys! the origin of Amazigh carpets remains unknown. Weaving remains a woman's job [more]

Exploring Tribal Moroccan Jewelry

When you walk into a shop off the streets of Morocco, you will often find yourself walking into a room with beautiful items such as colored textiles, bright wood trucks, vintage clothing, gleaming ceramics and more.  But, what really stands out to you is the beautiful antique tribe Moroccan jewelry that is laid out under [...]

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What is a Moroccan Caftan?

A Moroccan caftan (also spelled kaftan) is a traditional Moroccan dress that is worn by women to special events like weddings.  After gaining popularity after being introduced in some more mainstream fashion designers, caftans are more well-known in Western fashion.  The caftan was originally worn by distinguished men, but little by little, women have come [...]

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Why is Moroccan Tile Used in Home Decor?

Moroccan-style decor is becoming increasingly more popular in the Western culture.  Moroccan decor really displays home decor in a beautiful, artistic and culture way.  To help enhance this overall look in your own home, consider choosing Moroccan tile. Why would you use Moroccan tile in your home? First, Moroccan tile is beautiful and can add [...]

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Moroccan Rugs Add An Eclectic Element To Your Home

All people have very different tastes when it comes to style in your home.  Rugs are definitely a point of division among people with very different styles.  There are some people with very simple designs, while others tend to lean towards rugs with very intricate designs.  If you’re looking for a rug that will definitely [...]

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Using Moroccan Lanterns to Decorate Your Home

Moroccan lanterns, which you can purchase at the Treasures of Morocco website, are usually made with a variety of different colored glasses, making each one completely unique.  The colors allow the light projected from the lanterns to glow differently than the conventional bright white light from most lamps.  The lanterns are often crafted using a [...]

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