Moroccan Home Decors

Moroccan Decorations, Poofs, Footstools, Brass Art and Furniture. A wide variety of Moroccan and Mediterranean Furniture Decor, Art, Poofs, Rabouz and More!Morocco is a land of exquisite culture and vibrant color. Be its placid population, or extremely rich decorations, Morocco culture is unique and highly treasured. However, what adds an extra aspect to this dynamic culture is the highly influential Moroccan décor. Famous for its liberal use of colors and incredible level of detailing, Moroccan interior decoration is the thriving lighthouse of the Moroccan culture. High value in the Moroccan décor comes from the variety of exotic Moroccan Lanterns. These lanterns or chandeliers are an excellent way to bring a subtle exotic touch to an outdoor patio or front-door entryway or to create a majestic entrance in the foyer of a home. Next comes Moroccan Henna lamps, which are made of sheep or goat skin that is stretched around different shapes of handmade Moroccan wrought iron frames.. Moroccan henna lamp use vibrant colors, such as red, yellow, orange or blue to add color to the interiors. These handmade henna lamps are made as such to reflect a soft glowing light, hence adding superb value to the decoration factor. To add the last bit of dimension to the Moroccan décor, there are a variety of quality Moroccan rugs to choose from. The origin of these mystical and beautiful Moroccan rugs can be dated back a thousand years.The key of making superb rugs is due the creativity of craftswomen coming from many different regions of Morocco and the multiples dynasties that succeeded one another. Part of the Moroccan decor is the Moroccan poufs, yet stunning and breathtaking home furniture that doesn’t occupy space and gives your room a magnificent look. This is not just one of that furniture we see around, the way these poufs are handcrafted is excellent and imprinted with luxury.

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