Treasure of Morocco

Treasure of Morocco


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Why We Love Moroccan Decor (And you should too!)


Handmade Rugs and pillows by the Moroccan woman

Morocco. Simply saying the name inspires images of an exotic and exciting location. I don’t know of a single other place in the world that has that same effect.

The allure of Morocco captures the hearts of many. Casablanca, Marrakech — can you get any more romantic? Many of us will never have the opportunity to travel to this intoxicating land, but we can bring Morocco to us.

Moroccan Decor is becoming a very popular trend among home interior lovers. Designers are using Moroccan furniture and accessories to create a look that is luxurious and to bring a touch of the exotic into our lives. The effect of Moroccan designs can be powerful and soothing.

The country of Morocco absorbs elements of surrounding cultures: France, Spain and Portugal. It is also strongly influenced by proximity to the Mediterranean, Africa and Persia as well as traditions of Islam. When all these cultures, colors and traditions mesh, a unique style emerges.

Color and craftsmanship are the two defining elements of Moroccan decor. The colors are designed to punctuate the surrounding sea, sand and sky of the country. Light is an essential element of the Moroccan style. Natural light floods into Moroccan homes. Lighting fashioned from metal, colored glass and wood creates a romantic mood within the interiors of Moroccan residences. Craftsmanship is evident in even the smallest accessory.

Textiles are influenced by lush, rich, beautiful saturated colors. But the weight of these fabrics is light and airy providing a sense of floating through space. The rugs are soft and patterned with tribal motifs or are simple light-colored prayer mats.

The furniture is powerful and alluring. The intricate use of mosaic patterns, inlaid with stones, shells, glass and ceramics is unique to Moroccan furnishings. Place a Moroccan table in a room and it demands your attention. Of all the reasons to love Morocco, furniture is my reason. Unlike some other design styles, it is happy to play well with others. Just one piece can accomplish so much.

Moroccan lighting casts a spell like none other. The light pattern created by the tiny pierced holes in the metal or wood shades sends thousands of little sparks of light dancing on the walls, ceiling and floors. Add colored glass to these fixtures and the effect is magical.

Mosaic tiles are one of the most recognizable aspects of Moroccan art and architecture. The colorful designs are busy and work best when used as the only accent in a space. Keeping the surrounding surfaces neutral and unadorned allows the true beauty of the tiles to explode.

Decorating with a touch of Moroccan design is like taking a wonderful summer vacation without leaving home.


How to: Gifts for her & Moroccan gift giving.

Looking for something for that special lady in your life, but don't know exactly what to get? We've all been there before, trust me! Giving gifts should be something that is FUN, and EASY, but for some reason when it is for the one we love it seems harder, right? You want to get her something perfect & something she will use all the time! When it comes to giving your lady something special,  giving gifts in Morocco is more than selecting a gift out of obligation and presenting it beautifully. It’s an act of honor and tact, and represents the givers knowledge of the recipient’s personality!

How to: Ideas for your new Moroccan rug!

So you bought a new authentic Moroccan rug, and don't know exactly what to do with it? You can start by putting it in your bedroom, child room, living room, or even mounting it on a wall in your home! For those of us who have a harder time figuring out what to do with our new stylish beauties, look no further! 

The Versatility of a Moroccan Kaftan

From a casual birthday party to an elaborate dinner occasion, the Moroccan kaftan becomes a versatile outfit perfect for any type of event. In Florida, the weather is generally perfect year around for a kaftan, which is a typically long sleeved and ankle-length dress adaptable for any occasion that can add an exotic touch to your wardrobe. It appeals to nearly all tastes, and possibly its greatest characteristic is that it can be worn in both hot climates and cooler conditions.

Add an Aesthetic Touch to your Home with Elegant Moroccan Furniture

Moroccan Furniture is quite popular now in the world as it has a superb blend of different cultures and is very eye catching. The furniture is very elegantly designed which is mostly inspired from the beauty and calmness of the deserts. Moroccan furniture gives a classy feel to your rooms.

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