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Treasure of Morocco


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How to Design a Lovely Moroccan Home

Moroccan home decor is a traditional way to beautify your home, but still very relaxing and appealing to anyone looking for comfortable room decor. There are several Moroccan home decor accessories that would bring an artistic flair to your home.

Exploring Traditional Moroccan Clothing

Traditional Moroccan clothing comes from a variety of different regions and ethnicities. It truly is a blend of many different rich histories, and over time, Moroccan clothing has endured quite the substantial change. Still, traditional Moroccan clothing has remained an integral part of the rich and diverse culture in Morocco. It’s easy to observe the influence that the Berber, Jewish and Muslim religions have on the type of clothing often worn by the people of Morocco.

My Trip to Merzouga in Morocco

During my summer vacation in Morocco, we went to Merzouga in the far east of Morocco not too far from the Algerian border. We could not travel in car since it was too far, we took the tour bus during the night through the city Rissani and Rachidia. We made arrangement to spend the night in the dessert . We made it to the rolling dunes by sunset and were on our camels, it was a very exiting ride.

Tajine Tutorial from Treasures of Morocco

Many people are intimidated by cooking in tajine (also referred to as a tagine), but it’s really a simple process. Treasures of Morocco wants to share the basics of cooking in a tajine to get you started. Tajines are Moroccan cooking container, and they’ve existed inside and outside of Moroccan culture for hundreds of years; they are actually considered the first slow cookers.  There are two main kinds of tajines – glazed and unglazed.  A glazed tajine has a shiny layer on top of it, and they are often painted with decorative patterns.

Five Reasons To Ditch Your Pots & Pans for a Tagine

The tagine is a unique piece of cooking equipment that no kitchen should be without. In fact, it’s so incredibly useful that you can create a variety of different meals without having to touch any other pot or pan in your kitchen. With vessels used for both cooking and serving, tagines offer a unique yet traditional way to cook any meal. Here are several reasons why we think you should ditch your pots and pans and purchase an exotic Moroccan tagine.

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