Exploring Traditional Moroccan Clothing

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Traditional Moroccan clothing comes from a variety of different regions and ethnicities.  It truly is a blend of several different rich histories, and over time, Moroccan clothing has endured substantial change.  Still, traditional Moroccan clothing has remained an integral part of the rich and diverse culture in Morocco. It’s easy to observe the influence that the Berber community and the Jewish and Muslim religions had on the type of clothing often worn by the people of Morocco.

Men and women wear more traditional Moroccan clothing called djellaba, which is a long, loose, hooded piece of clothing with full sleeves.   Women also don kaftans, which are similar to the djellaba, but without a hood.  Kaftans are often embellished with gorgeous embroidery on the openings and the arms of the ensemble.

The Haik, another piece of traditional Moroccan clothing, is primarily white and is made with delicate fabric.  It’s most often worn by women who live in Moroccan villages.  An interesting traditional fashion trend is bright colored silks and other ethereal fabrics.  Moroccan clothing tailors have a unique skill set to design and create women’s dresses that are graceful and elegant.  As a show of status, women wear a belt made of golden embroidery and intricate decorations.

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