Moroccan Furniture

We sell authentic Moroccan Furnitures, Home Décor and clothing.

The Moroccan Craftsman

Moroccan Furniture specialize in the sale of Moroccan handcrafts, invites you to discover a range of Moroccan decorative products from the know-how of Moroccan Furniture Store. We make sure to put in place the largest selection of products produced by Moroccan craftsmen passionate about their profession. Through our typical Moroccan products, you feel the expression of the finesse, gratitude and value of an entire country. Behind every article on sale, hides an exceptional ancestral history.

Moroccan Furniture is an incredible variety of quality products, both as regards the work of leather in the Moroccan poufs and ottomans, or the art of carpet and Moroccan decoration. Moroccan Furniture is marked by a real know-how that goes beyond the manufactured product, offering a trip in time and in Moroccan traditions.

Thanks to our very large catalog, you will be able to find the most beautiful creations be it the tendencies of the moment where the products which can cross the time without never losing their notoriety.

Moroccan Furnitures

Treasures of Morocco opened his doors in March 2003 in a small store 16 blocks away from downtown St Petersburg Florida. I Mourad chehab run my own shop with the help of my wife Maria Yarane. My goal is to bring all the goods directly from Morocco to introduce the Moroccan decor and design. My wife and I travel to our native country to do our bargain and make sure that all our merchandise is in high quality .

We now own a large warehouse, were we expended our show room with more inventory lanterns, rugs, tagine, mirrors, ceramic and more. We are also known internationally thanks to Ebay, Amazon, Overstock and more site out there. Treasures of morocco is top rated seller for the past few years offering free shipping .

Moroccan Furniture Store: Your Haven for Impressive Interior Furnishings

If you want to turn your dull interior into something that’s much more revitalizing and pleasing to the eyes, your best bet is to adopt a Moroccan-style living space. For this, you’d have to find the best Moroccan furniture store in the United States. This seems like an energy-draining task at first but not if you choose to go to Treasures of Morocco straight away! Our wide-ranging selection of Moroccan furniture for sale is ideal whether you want an exotic design set up, the best of the best in Moroccan design, or unusual pieces to take your home to the next level. Explore our St. Petersburg, Florida-based online shop for the most convenient shopping experience anywhere in the United States.

Wondering what you’ll get out of our Moroccan furniture store? In a nutshell, you’ll get no wasted time and money. But specifically, you’ll be in for a visual treat with our huge selection of elegant and high-quality Moroccan style furniture for sale. From wood tables, camel bone mirrors, wood Moorish mirrors, authentic wood dressers, to wood room dividers, we have enchanting items you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Do you want camel bone mirrors that follow a rectangular shape? Are you keen on getting a genuine Moroccan table for your living room? No matter how specific your needs are, you’ll find the ideal Moroccan furniture in our shop.

Our customers keep coming back for more not just because of the authentic Moroccan furniture we have. What matters most to us, and our valued customers is the overall quality of our furnishings. All of them are made with a high level of resilience, rendering them functional over the long haul. Our dedicated team here at Treasures of Morocco is always ready to help if you need Moroccan furniture pieces that are best in class and in style. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff or visit our shop any time you’re on the hunt for luxe Moroccan interior pieces.


Find Extraordinary Home Decorations in a Top-Notch Moroccan Decor Store

Thinking you’re nowhere near to finding a Moroccan decor store with a wealth of deluxe options? Perhaps, you haven’t come across our shop here at Treasures of Morocco. We understand the pressure that homeowners go through while ensuring that their home is always looking its best. If you’re all about achieving the authentic Moroccan style of living, our Moroccan decor store located in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States is the right choice for you. Our shop is known for providing a host of Moroccan inspired decor, suitable for varying preferences and requirements.

One of the challenges in decorating a home is the limited options available. With Treasures of Morocco, you won’t experience this kind of dilemma. Our Moroccan home decor range includes, but is not limited to, glass lanterns, prayer and woven rugs, Thuya wood boxes, henna lamps, poufs, and decorative knives. You can choose to have a Moroccan home decor that gives off a sophisticated look to add to your home’s timeless beauty. But if you’re the quirky type, you’ll enjoy the exotic and memorable choices we have in our arsenal. Added bonus: all items are sturdy so you’re sure to get the best value for your money!

If you want to redecorate one of your rooms for a cozier feel and a more exquisite look, our plentiful choices for Moroccan room decor can save the day. We take pride in our Moroccan house decor options ideal for any part of the house — guest rooms, basements, dens, living rooms, offices — you name it! We have dazzling woven rugs that can uplift a room, thanks to their stunning combination of patterns and hues. Likewise, our Moroccan holder boxes are perfect for your home office, housing those elegant writing utensils to keep your table tidy. Check out these promising items and more in the Treasures of Morocco website.