Moroccan Art: Zillij

Moroccan Art Zillij

Moroccan art has several textures, patterns and traditions, it’s difficult to spotlight any one of them, but Moroccan mosaics definitely are prominently featured in architecture, tiles, art pieces and ceramics. The geometric patterns are made to capture attention and mesmerize. A form of Moroccan mosaic is zillij, which is an unpractical artform. In order to execute zillij, the artist must understand and execute complex geometric patterns.

The Production of Zillij

The production of zillij often includes multiple artists that have a variety of skill sets, while results in a piece of art without a single attributed artist. The skills needed are planning, drafting, and producing clay tiles. The artists often go through a labored process of training, discipline and practice. You can find the masterpieces featured in public water fountains in the medina of Fes.

The artists who maintain and restore zillij installations have long remembered the lineage of master artisans that have comes before them. Restoring art is quite a job because, as an artist, you need to possess a level of self-discipline to be able to stay true to the original artists work. The art is of public consumption and cannot be attributed to any one artist, which is lending beauty, wonder and awe to the mundane act of collecting water.

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