Bahria Thuya Wood Medium


Approximately 2 inches high by 5 inches Wide

Decorate your room with a great décor handmade box to keep your all tiny but precious things in a safe and compact place.

This box has been hand crafted in Essaouira, Morocco Thuya wood is firm and dense with a high oil content. It has a distinct cedar-like smell

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Thuya trees are found in the Atlas Mountains and nowhere else on earth. Each piece in our collection is patiently handcrafted by using the roots of the tree or the branches that what make the colors varies from a rich , lustrous golden brown to nearly black. They also have a sweet fragrance similar to cedar.

This beautiful wooden jewelry box is made from Moroccan Thuya Burl Wood and makes a beautiful gift for that special person in your life that will last a lifetime

All our items are handmade by various artists in Morocco. Due to the privilege of having handmade items, color, size and design discrepancy may occur. All our handmade product may have imperfections, although this isn’t considered damaged or improperly made. The discrepancies are a part of the beauty of having a handmade item instead of a factory-made item

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