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Moroccan tiles are adaptable to most decorative tiling concerns and can be placed in any room of a house whether used as flooring, counter tops, border treatments, back splashes or just simple points of interest in interiors or exteriors of a home. With the large variety of color choices and patterns from earth tones to brighter hues, there is no end to the decorative possibilities. Individualized tile selections are a Moroccan specialty and with handmade expertise, no tiles are exactly alike as artisans create individual works of art in the tile making process.

Moroccan tiles are a diverse, festive and fresh way to create a new and exciting appearance to any area of a home and with this amazing tile, any floor, back splash, counter space, exterior porch or patio can be made appealing and inviting to all who occupy or enter your home.

Measurement: 4 inches square by 3/4 depth

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