Smokeless Ashtray Large Stripe Yellow


  • Large Size 5.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches HighAuthentic, handmade ceramic ashtray imported from Morocco
    A wonderfully eye-catching and functional conversation piece
    Top part removable to throw away cigarettes and fits back easy
    Efficient in reducing smell of smoke with no mess that comes after


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Very unique and useful ashtrays, the top come off so the ashes go down without a mess. This ashtrays are very good for cigar smokers .You will love them , they are one of our big seller.

All our items are handmade by various artists in Morocco. Due to the privilege of having handmade items, color, size and design discrepancy may occur. All our handmade product may have imperfections, although this isn’t considered damaged or improperly made. The discrepancies are a part of the beauty of having a handmade item instead of a factory-made item.

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