Best Restaurants in Marrakesh

Best Restaurants in Marrakesh

If you’re planning a trip to Marrakesh, you’re certainly in for a treat!  There are so many different restaurants in Marrakesh, you’re sure to experience culinary differences that you’ve never even considered.  Moroccan Furniture have some great recommendations for you so that you can eat like a king during your trip and experience the wide variety of restaurants available in the beautiful city of Marrakesh.

The Best Restaurants in Marrakesh

Shells, Appetizers, Dips, Dumplings, Sauces, Vegetables

Le Marrakchi

This is one of the beautiful restaurants in Marrakesh, overlooks Djemaa El Fna Square, and it’s one of the best places to eat if you want a full view of the Djemma.  It’s reasonable priced, and it provides larger portions of food.  The service is wonderful, and they provide a bellydancing show that is a perfect way to round out your experience.

Le Tobsil

Le Tobsil, which translates to “plate” in Arabic, services some of the best food in the medina.  The multiple courses that include Aperitifs followed by vegetarian meze dishes, followed by a tajine, followed by a flaky pastilla, and a couscous dish.  Lastly, fruit with pastries and tea or coffee is served to close out your wonderful meal.  The setting is gorgeous: an old house deep in the Medina with two levels around a courtyard.  Entertainment is provided by Gnawa musicians to provide you with experience you will never forget.

Cafe Arabe

If you’re searching for something along the trendy route, you may want to try this stylish cafe/bar/restaurant, which is different from any other establishment in Marrakesh. Cafe Arabe is also included as one of the best restaurants in  Marrakesh. The owners are Italian, and they’ve generated a menu in English that highlight both Italian and Moroccan classics such as ricotta and spinach cannelloni and couscous with seven vegetables.  There are also several delectable basked goods such as cakes and tarts.  With a laid back atmosphere, young servers, and relaxing background music, you’re sure to experience something truly unique.

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