Exploring Tribal Moroccan Jewelry

tribal moroccan jewelry

When you walk into a shop off the streets of Morocco, you will often find yourself walking into a room with beautiful items such as colored textiles, bright wood trucks, vintage clothing, gleaming ceramics and more. But, what really stands out to you is the beautiful antique tribal Moroccan jewelry that is laid out under glass in an amazing display. The necklaces are made up of gems and stones like pink coral, red carnelian, green amazonite, buttery amber, ebony beads and silver talismans.

Exploring Tribal Moroccan Jewelry

Tribal Moroccan jewelry has a style that is reminiscent of Indian jewelry due to the Berber influence. You won’t find much gold in traditional Moroccan jewelry because the Berbers considered it evil, unlike the Arabs. Jewelry played an integral role in tribal life, and it indicated signs of kinship and wealth. The tribal jewelry was believed to heal and protect those who wore it as well. The jewelry also served as a monetary symbol, allowing Berber women to trade or sell their jewelry in order to meet the needs of their family.

Moroccan jewelry also played a significant role in dowry, and it has remained a thoughtful gift throughout life. While more traditional jewelry was handcrafted with these beautiful stones and gems, Moroccan jewelry has evolved into more affordable pieces like plastic and copal resin.

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