Five Reasons To Ditch Your Pots & Pans for a Moroccan Tagine

Pans for a Tagine

What is Moroccan Tagine?

The Moroccan tagine is a unique piece of cooking equipment that no kitchen should be without. In fact, it’s so incredibly useful that you can create a variety of different meals without having to touch any other pot or pan in your kitchen. With vessels used for both cooking and serving, Moroccan tagines offer a unique yet traditional way to cook any meal. Here are several reasons why we think you should ditch your pots and pans and purchase an exotic Moroccan tagine.

Five Reasons To Ditch Your Pots & Pans for a Moroccan Tagine

1. Tagine dishes are easy to throw together. They often include readily available ingredients that can all be tossed into one cooking vessel. You don’t have to worry about cleaning more than one dish and you can enjoy a flavorful meal that fits your taste. Tagine Ring Small 150×150 Moroccan Furniture

2. A majority of tagine dishes incorporate olive oil, a healthy option that offers a variety of health benefits. Tagine dishes are not fried and use minimal oils and fats for a healthier dinner option.

3. Meals cooked in a tagine offer a unique earthy flavor that doesn’t hold true for meals cooked in a regular pot or pan. Its rich aroma brings a freshness to the dish, which offers an exotic take on your meals.

4. You can serve your meal in the same dish in which it’s cooked. If you prefer, there are many beautiful tagines that are created specifically for the purpose of serving rather than cooking.IMG 0862 150×150 Moroccan Furniture

5. Moroccan tagine dishes and their recipes have a history dating back centuries, which offers a traditional and cultural richness that is difficult to find in many dishes. It encompasses the Moroccan culture in both the dish and the method of cooking.

Moroccan tagines are a simple and functional piece that can be used to create your next exotic Moroccan meal. Make this piece of earthen cookware an integral 100 9891 150×150 Moroccan Furniture part of your kitchen by purchasing a cooking or serving tagine at 655 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, or by ordering online. Contact us today!