Henna Lamps as Moroccan Home Decor

henna lamps as moroccan home decor

In this article you will learn about henna lamps and Moroccan home decor. Henna Lamps are a very popular home decor item. These Moroccan lanterns can add a magical and mystic feel to any room. These are specially hand crafted by the local Moroccan artisans that give each piece of lamp a unique appeal. Henna lamps are handmade from goat skin stretched over a firm iron frame, and decorated with dye from the henna plant. Henna Sconces are another variety of Henna lamps. These are made to reflect a soft glowing light. It is important to choose a proper Moroccan lamp to perfectly suit your room.

Moroccan rugs are most versatile items to decorate your home interiors. The origin of these mystical and elegant Moroccan rugs can be dated back to more a thousand years. Our hand woven rugs are very uniquely patterned and designed by traditional craftsman in Morocco. Moroccan home décor will never be complete without stylish poufs. Soft and colorful poufs can create a stylish and luxurious Moroccan appeal.

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