Moroccan Kaftan Vs. Moroccan Takchitas

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Similar in appearance, Moroccan kaftans and Moroccan takchitas are completely different for Moroccan women. Nowadays, several non-Moroccan designers tend to confuse both styles, referring to them both as Moroccan kaftans. Although both are appropriate to wear on important celebrations like weddings and birthdays, there are a couple of basic differences that anyone who loves the Moroccan culture should know.

What is Moroccan Kaftan?

Moroccan kaftans are long dresses that can be plain, striped, or decorated with elegant and delicate embroidery. Made with a huge variety of colors, fabrics and patterns, kaftans can be customized in many different ways using some nice accessories.

What is Moroccan Takchita?

Unlike kaftans, Moroccan takchitas are composed of two pieces. A long basic garment with no ornaments us used as a first layer called Tahtiya, with a more elaborate second layer or over-dress called Fouqia or Dfina. This second layer is often a kaftan with a lot of beautiful embroidery, beading and ornaments that often buttons up the front using the traditional sfifa and akaad closures.

While Moroccan kaftans are usually worn loosely, Moroccan takchitas are worn tighter with a belt known as Mdamma either made of silk, gold or silver, and adorned with precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies or diamonds.

With Persian heritage roots, Moroccan kaftans and takchitas became popular in the West during late 60s and 70s when people, influenced by the hippie movement, were looking for something comfortable to wear. Since then, kaftans and takchitas have gained popularity in the fashion shows thanks to designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, JP Gaultier and Christian Lacroix.

Learn More About the Difference Between Moroccan Kaftan and Moroccan Takchita

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