Moroccan Lanterns in Your Home

moroccan lanterns in your home

Moroccan lanterns and lamps can be displayed in a variety of ways to bring the Moroccan charm to your home. You will be able to help set an exotic mood by placing the lanterns or lamps strategically throughout your room or household. We want to offer you some ideas to help place these around your home to get the overall look and feel you’re going for.

The most common way to display your Moroccan lanterns is to place them on a piece of furniture such as an end table or cotillion table. Try to get a piece of furniture that will complement your lantern well. Place it in a room, away from the rest of your furniture to make it a centerpiece. With the right lighting and placement, your Moroccan lantern can become the centerpiece of your room.

Where to display your Moroccan lanterns?

 Another option is to hang the lanterns on the wall or from the ceiling. Giving it more elevation will provide a beautiful lighting display when they’re lit up. They are often used in living rooms or bathrooms to help compliment an existing lighting arrangement.

If you’re trying to achieve bright lighting in your home, Moroccan lanterns may not be for you. They are best used if you’re trying to create a subtle effect. Look through the rest of the home decor items that Treasures of Morocco has to offer so that you can create an entire look and feel that will bring out the best in your home. Visit our online store Moroccan Furniture or contact us, to browse our home decor selection: