Moroccan Rugs: Trending Interior Design

the trending interior design of moroccan rugs

Lately, there has been in shelter magazines and decorating blogs that display stylish rooms that have a singular centerpiece: a Moroccan rug. The distinctive designs and expressive patterns can help draw your eye to it while featuring the other pieces in the room. The color palettes are almost always in a neutral palette, which allows other bold colored items to be be matched along with it in a room. The rug’s shaggy pile is soft under your feet as well.

What is Moroccan Rugs?

Moroccan rugs were always originally woven for more practical purposes rather than a decorative one. Their purpose was to help keep warm in the cold mountains and used as blankets, shawls and bedcovers. Many of the rugs didn’t exceed seven feet wide because of the nomadic people in Moroccan didn’t want to haul a rug that was too large to carry.

The designs were woven from memory rather than patterns, so the designs are often more unconventional, but it’s the unconventional quality that designers love about these rugs. The rugs perfectly represent a timeless piece of home decor that will provide an ethnic and modern feeling to your room.

Learn More About Moroccan Rugs

Our collection of Moroccan rugs has a variety of weaving, artistry and colors. The hand woven rugs are very uniquely patterned, as are the shades of the colors used in each one. This gorgeous piece can be used on the floor or can be hang on wall to add an exotic, Moroccan feel to your decor. Visit Moroccan Furniture or contact us for more details.