Moroccan Style: Blending Chic and Comfort

Moroccan Style: Blending Chic and Comfort

The Moroccan style encompasses a blend of elaborately crafted furniture, uniquely designed decor and rich colors for an atmosphere reminiscent of the traditional Moroccan decor. From silky fabrics and decorative poufs to handcrafted lanterns and beautiful large mirrors, there are many ways you can create a unique and intimate atmosphere with elements of Moroccan mirrors.

Moroccan Style Mirrors

Moroccan style mirrors are often elaborately carved and present a sense of luxury to any room. The mirror frames themselves are created from a range of materials including wood, steel, iron and even ceramic tiles. Place them in entryways and living rooms to create a brighter and more open feeling design. Different colored frames can complement your theme and can range from golds to reds, colors very common throughout the culture.

Moroccan decor can also be characterized through plant decor. Not only do they add a fresh characteristic to your atmosphere, mirrors but the greens are charming accents to your interior decoration. Much of the color scheme of Moroccan style blends a variety of colors including greens, reds, yellows, blues and oranges for a rich and stylish feel.

Moroccan interior decor creates a refuge that feels inviting, warm and sensual. Enhanced by rich room colors and unique Moroccan design ideas that include Moroccan style mirrors, fabrics and furniture your home decorating will look stylish and feel very comfortable.

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