Safi: The ancient city of the sea

safi the ancient city of the sea

Stretching out along the Atlantic in a bay fringed by cliffs, Safi ancient city of the sea is located between El Jadida and Essaouira. Blessed with 120 kilometers of beach with a string of pristine coves, high lying reefs and sought after surfing spots. According to historians, Safi slips easily onto the list of the most ancient cities in Morocco.

The other draw in the city is its craftsmanship, Safiot pottery in particular, is an art from that has given the city its exquisite edge. The founding in 1920 or so of a Ceramics School and pilot workshop by Master Craftman has lead to a gradual renaissance in Safiot pottery since then.

Treasures of Morocco Ceramic Collection:

Our ceramic collection is hand made and painted by craftsman located in Safi . Where the blue and yellow ceramics are reminders of the Portuguese occupation of certain Moroccan ports, while solid green recalls the much earlier Roman occupation. The many vivid colors increasingly made possible over the centuries by improved technologies are entirely a Berber characteristic. Of all the Islamic countries, Morocco alone boasts this rainbow palette

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