Sprucing Up Your Home With Moroccan Rugs

home with moroccan rugs

Interior decorators and homeowners with a discerning taste know that home with Moroccan rugs are able to give any room warmth, uniqueness and a colorful, fashionable form. Since every rug is handmade, each is one-of-a-kind so there is sure to be that perfect Moroccan rug that will complete the look of any room to be decorated because the rugs themselves pull together the look of a room without domineering it.

Moroccan Furniture is proud to offer our customers a wide range of Moroccan rugs, such as muted shades for designers looking for a more neutral color palette in their home, We also offer quirky and primitive type for the decorator wanting to achieve a more modernistic feel in the home.

While home with Moroccan Rugs are trending right now in the world of home decorating, the rugs themselves have been around for a very long time, dating back to the Paleolithic era which is also known as the Stone Age.  The most well-known of Moroccan rugs are the rugs made by the Beni Ourain tribe who are located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and they have passed down their ancient designs for generations. Their rugs are touted for featuring diamond-shaped framework and ethnically transcendent concepts. What we like about these carpets is some follow a simplistic form, incorporating neutral colors and following a pattern of arranged shapes and others are the complete opposite, blending a more free-form motive and eye-popping hues. All these reasons are why Moroccan rugs are seen in many homes today because there is a rug sure to complete the feel of any room a decorator is trying to achieve.

Be sure to visit Moroccan Furniture store and check out the rugs we have for sale in our store. Since every unique home with Moroccan rug is aesthetically pleasing, there will be that one perfect rug that belongs in your home, completing the look of a room and bringing that little bit of Moroccan flair that each home needs. Contact us today!