What Moroccan Accessories To Use for My Moroccan Theme?

moroccan accessories

If you are looking for an exotic, yet classy decorating theme for your home, Moroccan decor is one design to keep in mind. With its rustic charm and luxurious fabrics and patterns, Moroccan accessories can play a key role in transforming an ordinary room into an exotic getaway, and several different adornments can offer you inspiration for many Moroccan decorating ideas.

Moroccan Accessories to Use

1. Moroccan Rugs: These rugs are typically handmade, brightly colored, and intricately designed with no two patterns ever the same. Regardless of whether your floor is carpeted, tile, or hardwood, decorative Moroccan rugs add a layer of texture to your room; you can even hang them to add character to your walls.

2. Ceramics and Pottery: Characteristic of Moroccan decor, ceramics are also brightly colored and handcrafted with elaborate details. Moroccan pottery is made from high-quality clay and can be natural Terra Cotta, or can come in beautiful vibrant colors both for indoor and outdoor decorations.

3. Moroccan Lanterns: Lighting often includes lamps, lanterns and wall sconces that are works of art, and individually designed. Many are designed with warm earthy tones that make the area feel inviting. Lanterns can be made from glass and even goat skin, both of which are uniquely crafted.

4. Throws & Pillows: Throws and pillows are often adorned with elaborate embroideries, and are brightly colored. Both often incorporate patterns with geometric designs, and are typically made from expensive fabrics like silk and wool. These accessories are ideal for livening up your Moroccan living room theme.

There are an endless amount of accessories and Moroccan decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your home, and learning a bit about the rich, unique design of Moroccan culture can get you started on planning your themed living room. Moroccan Furniture offers uniquely designed and elaborately crafted Moroccan goods ranging from woven rugs and lanterns, to mosaic fountains and tagines. Contact us or visit our store at 655 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, or order online and receive free shipping to all orders sent to the domestic U.S.