How to: Ideas for Your New Moroccan Rug!

moroccan rug

So you bought a new authentic Moroccan rug, and don’t know exactly what to do with it? You can start by putting it in your bedroom, child room, living room, or even mounting it on a wall in your home! For those of us who have a harder time figuring out what to do with our new stylish beauties, look no further!

Ideas for your new Moroccan Rug

1. Take it to the bedroom! 

Follow this handy guide to adjust your rug so that it enhances your space and makes it look more spacious and chic! Our rugs look amazing as bed throws!

2. Take it to the park!

Woven rugs are our favorite ones for this! The colorful tones and the contrast of the soft rugs versus the grass is perfect! You can even flip it the other way around for a smooth and cushiony lounge. Pair them with some contrasting poofs, bring your favorite book, a pair of sunnies and maybe even a tea set for a perfect day at the park!

3. Frame it!  

That’s right! Our rugs are one of a kind, so why not show them off? Don’t forget, our pieces are handmade by artisans who follow traditions that are hundreds of years old and are still happening. Every piece tells a story, which is why we encourage you to shop artisanal. Not just because it is trendy, but because it is genuine, like you! So you can make your own frame, or simply nail it to the wall (in the negative spaces of the rug to avoid damage) and you are all set for a beautiful and classic moroccan piece of versatile color!

Learn More About The Ideas Ideas for your new Moroccan Rug

 If you’re interested in the ideas for your new Moroccan rug, visit Moroccan Furniture or contact us via form. You may also try to call us.