The Versatility of a Moroccan Kaftan

The Versatility of a Moroccan Kaftan

From a casual birthday party to an elaborate dinner occasion, the versatility of a Moroccan kaftan becomes a versatile outfit perfect for any type of event. In Florida, the weather is generally perfect year around for a kaftan, which is a typically long sleeved and ankle-length dress adaptable for any occasion that can add an exotic touch to your wardrobe. It appeals to nearly all tastes, and possibly its greatest characteristic is that it can be worn in both hot climates and cooler conditions.

In its original form, kaftans are made from silk or cotton and worn with a sash or belt. Though traditionally long, kaftans also come in many shapes andimages 3 150×150 Moroccan Furniture sizes, can be worn long or short and often have chic jewels and beads embroidered in the fabric. More elaborately decorated kaftans are worn to special occasions like weddings for a timeless, traditional and exotic look.

Kaftans appeal to a variety of body shapes and sizes, flattering women with both curvy and slender builds. When you’re relaxing on the beach but decide to take a walk through the local boutiques and need a quick outfit, kaftans offer a versatile cover-up option that’s both chic and beautiful.

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The versatility of a Moroccan kaftans are an essential part of Moroccan culture and history. The kaftan’s presence in diverse cultures across a wide geographic area is a testament to its versatility and usefulness. Moroccan Furniture offers uniquely designed and elaborately crafted versatility of a Moroccan kaftans that can be worn for nearly any occasion. Visit our store at 655 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, or order online and receive free shipping to all orders sent to the domestic U.S.

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