Your Moroccan Interior Design Introduction

why we love moroccan decor

The rich culture of Morocco is undeniably reflected in its vibrant Moroccan interior designs, and its elaborate and exquisite colors and details. You’ll see common characteristics throughout Moroccan design that often include tiled patterns, dynamic colors, elegant rooms, and intricate details. Embody the exotic essence of Morocco by incorporating a few of these Moroccan decorating ideas into your next living room design project.

A common theme throughout Moroccan interior design is a living room arrangement that encourages conversation, and emanates hospitality. Explore new ways to rearrange your living room to establish a warm and inviting environment. Lay out your furniture with a little group conversation in mind by arranging a sofa that faces two chairs or another sofa, and with a coffee table in between. The coffee table should be large enough to hold drinks and plates of food to encourage hospitality within your design.

Bright colors are often the most characteristic part of Moroccan decoration. From the walls to the throw pillows, colors like rustic oranges, dark reds, and bold blues make the area very warm, rich and inviting. If you don’t feel going extremely bold when painting your walls, a cream colored wall would be ideal to complement the boldness of throw pillows, brightly colored chairs, rugs, and lanterns.

Lighting is a particularly prominent aspect of Moroccan decoration, and rooms are typically adorned with handmade Moroccan lanterns that are quite distinctive from other types of lanterns. The stained glass lanterns are deeply tinted with vivid colors, and are quite commonly geometrically shaped, an aspect that has repeatedly been a symbol of the Moroccan style. Brightly colored, yet subtle, lanterns add a rustic and warm ambiance to your living room.

There are an endless amount of Moroccan decorating ideas that can be discussed, and learning a bit about the rich and undoubtedly unique design of Moroccan culture can get you started on planning your themed living room. Morrocan Furniture design and elaborately crafted Moroccan goods ranging from woven rugs and lanterns, to mosaic fountains and tagines. Visit our store at 655 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, or order online and receive free shipping to all orders sent to the domestic U.S. Contact us today.