Exploring Traditional Moroccan Clothing

traditional moroccan clothing


Men and women wear more traditional Moroccan clothing called djellaba, which is a long, loose, hooded piece with full sleeves. Women also wear kaftans, which are similar to the djellaba, but without a hood. Kaftans are often embellished with gorgeous embroidery on the openings and the arms of the ensemble.

The Haik, another piece of traditional Moroccan clothing, is primarily white and made with a delicate fabric. It’s most often worn by women who live in Moroccan villages. An interesting traditional fashion trend is bright colored silks and other ethereal fabrics. This tailors have a unique skill set to design and create women’s dresses that are graceful and elegant. As a show of status, women wear belts made of golden embroidery with intricate decorations.

More About Traditional Moroccan Clothing

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