My Trip to Merzouga in Morocco

trip to merzouga morocco

During my summer vacation in Morocco, I had a trip to Merzouga in the far east of Morocco not too far from the Algerian border. We could not travel in a car since it was too far, we took the tour bus during the night through the city of Rissani and Rachidia. Our trip to Merzouga was  arranged to spend the night in the dessert . We made it to the rolling dunes by sunset and were on our camels, it was a very exiting ride.

All through the trip I kept asking our young guide if he knew the way to the tent camp , i kept thinking about getting lost in the desert without food plus it was getting late. ounce we get there in the dark, I was very reveled . Sitting out side under the stars, we were served a tagine with home made bread and mint tea. Since it was hot we decided to sleep outside with no fear. oh yeah all those crawling insect and wild creator. We woke up earlier than the sun , so we can catch a sunrise on our way back in a perfect spot in the middle of Sahara.

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